Silence is Gold Pink Moscato

This beautiful wine is refreshing and slightly sweet, colour of bright pink, great companion of hot summers.

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Depallas Wine Group Pty Ltd is a local enterprise in Australia with mature manufacturing technology for wine making and a complete wine supply chain system with excellent marketing team. Main target market is P. R. China but also export to some Southeast Asia countries. There is a positive outlook of wine industry in the city where Depallas is located.

Depallas Wine Group is familiar with the wine industry, and we intend to provide affordable and cost-effective products and customer service, which can help Depallas establish a long-term cooperative relationship.

Depallas Wine Group produces more than one-million-liter wine in 2017. The product range is very broad that from cheaper wines to high-end cellaring antique wines, from 1900 McLaren Shiraz to Clare Valley Riesling.

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