2019 Finders & Seekers Shiraz

Bright ruby colour, spicy plum fruit, with hints of dark chocolate and toasty, smoky oak. A fresh, vibrant, juicy palate with mouth-watering acidity, lead to a long, satisfying finish. Enjoy on its own or with tasty roasted or stewed lamb.

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The history of Finders & Seekers Winery can be traced back to 1947. After acquisition by many large companies, the Swan Wine Group has been operating this winery for more than ten years. The winery is currently located in McLaren Vale and mainly sources wine from South Australia.

About the history of the winery

In the 1950s, there was a rat infestation in the Finders & Seekers Winery’s vineyards. The owner was very headache. If rat poison was used, it would contaminate the grapes and affect the quality of the wine. Feeding cats needs a lot of energy to take care of these cats.

One day, the owner thought of a way to sort out the rodent infestation with owls, so he built an owl nest in his house. After waiting for many days, no owls were attracted, but the owner never gave up waiting. Suddenly one day he found an owl ushered in. He was very happy, so he continued to build more owl nests. Later, more and more owls were attracted to solve the vineyards’ rat infestation. In order to commemorate the contribution of the owl to the rat infestation, the owner of the owl used the head of the owl as the logo of Finders & Seekers Wines as a souvenir. The owl logo has also been used for more than 40 years.

The winemaker’s philosophy

The winemaker’s winemaking work is the whole process, “from grapes to taste buds”. He personally inspects the vineyards, participates in wine making, and often communicates directly with wine reporters, retailers and restaurant owners.

Wine dissolves in the blood, and the winemakers do their best to satisfy consumers’ desire for fruity flavor and rich natural aroma. Our wine uses the hands of the winemaker, allowing the soil, climate, and grapes to speak for themselves.

The Finders & Seekers series of wines fully demonstrate the classic style of each grape variety and the most outstanding characteristics of the production area. The grapes are picked at the best ripening period, so that the quality characteristics of the grapes are fully displayed. When you face the dazzling array of wines on the shelves in the market, you need to be as keen as an owl and quickly grab the Finders & Seekers wine, otherwise once you miss the special wine, it will be difficult to have a second chance to taste !

Swan Wine Group aspires to create a winemaking and selling legend, focusing on innovating while upholding the traditional art which defines the Australian wine industry.

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