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    6. In the case of the of seller sold products to any buyers directly by using any information of this website be contacted by buyers based on the website’s information, the seller agrees to pay the website’s owner GCI Global Pty Limited sales consulting service fee that is 10% (GST exclusive) of the whole contract value which is between the seller and buyer. The seller should notify GCI Global Pty Limited within 5 days and pay in 10 days once the seller received the down payment from the buyer. Please notify GCI Global Pty Limited through email: service@aussiewineexport.com. 7. For all personnel or organisations using this website, you agree to irrevocably waive any claim to the website, the owner of the website, the directors and employees working for the website for any direct or indirect damages or losses howsoever the damages or losses caused, even the damages or losses may result from the use of this website, the use of the information of this website, or use the products sold on this website, or data leak of the website ,or any other reason relating to this website.
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